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One Million Orphans

Updated: Aug 15, 2018

We are optimistic as we announce the development of our charity, One Million Orphans. I say “our” charity because it will require many of us to make a difference. Our enthusiasm for this project is straightforward: we believe that bringing people together for a positive cause can truly make a change in real people’s lives. We also understand that the opposite is true in that indifference towards our fellow humans can produce negative reactions in people’s lives. That’s why I’m inspired to serve, and I hope you are as well. Let me start with our intention which also ties into the name of our organization: One Million Orphans. Around the globe, there are approximately 157 million orphans we hope to ensure that we do our part to help some of them. Our charity provides varied levels of assistance to one million orphaned children in Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, The Philippines, Haiti, Venezuela, Nicaragua, parts of Eastern Europe, and the United States. The demands differ remarkably depending on economic conditions in the child’s respective country and other factors. The focus of our service will be meeting basic needs first, like clothing, food, water, medicine, then education and counseling. Our first service starts with an orphanage in Rwanda—a place I know well. In 1994 this orphanage was at maximum capacity when I tried to find a temporary home after my parents were murdered. Today, this facility and the children living there are still struggling. Our focus is to provide the children there with clothes, a healthy food initiative, and support with education. Later in life, these children will struggle to find their way into a vocation as they are without families to support them in college or a vocational program. We will fill that void and be their relief. You can join our movement today by clicking on charity link and helping others. It’s truly significant to be in a position to help. Thank you kindly for reading and for helping. Please feel free to share our passion project with others. God Bless! ---Jeanne and Paul Lakin

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